About this Project

We thought we would provide you with some information about this Project.

The Internet Society has been working with IXPs, NOGs, RIRs and others to partner to conduct training, help develop IXPs, or to bring groups together for many years.

Some organizations like the work we do with our partners.

For example –

Cisco provides the Internet Society with a grant to help us identify IXPs in development who need equipment. Or, IXPs that are in the process of moving up a level – “leveling-up” – their technical capability. We provide partners with new Cisco donated equipment. Other groups also provide donated equipment, too. Some of those groups are:  Euro-IX, NSRC, PCH.

Google awarded the Internet Society a grant to:

  • Create the IXP Toolkit & Best Practices Guide and a Methodology for Leveling-up. And, to continue to improve it.
  • Create this IXP Toolkit “Portal” and to continue to improve it.
  • Conduct training and build local capacity.

Without their funding we would not be able to have created this resource.

All of the work we do is done with our regional teams, the IXP community, Internet organizations, regional organizations, development organizations, and technical experts. Our partners.

Our objective is to create sustainable enabling environments so that local communities build their expertise and are  “enabled”. This is all about extending the Internet around the globe. This is all about working with others to build technical capacity, and for others to carry-on and build communities capable of maintaining, sustaining, and extending the benefits to other.

People who donate their time, build technical infrastructure, and otherwise are keen to train people who will train others. Join that community of experts.

Our Goal is to continuously upate this Portal with information that you would like to see.

Send us feedback at feedback@ixptoolkit.org

Thank you.