Hong Kong

The first free IXP in Asia was the Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HKIX), started in 1995 and administered by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). In 2004, the HKIX2 back-up mirror site was created. HKIX continues to be one of the primary locations for Asian peering with a peak traffic volume of about 265 Gbps and 196 participants (112 licensed network providers and 84 service operators).

There are also a number of other IXPs in Hong Kong, including commercial data centre operators, iAdvantage and Equinix.

At HKIX, there is currently no plan to impose any charges for membership or connection. However, HKIX reserves the right to do so in the future should such charges become necessary. As with some other IXP's, HKIX's policy is that each participant must have its own global Internet connectivity through other Internet access provider(s) that are independent of HKIX facilities. In this respect, the connection to HKIX is not to be used as the primary connection to the global Internet. The only shared services provided by HKIX are instances of four root servers.