Like NIX.CZ the Budapest Internet Exchange (BIX) was also founded in 1996 by 12 domestic ISPs, including the largest Hungarian telecom operators. Managed by the association of Hungarian ISPs (IsZT), BIX now has 51 members and 172Gbps of peak traffic with five PoPs in the city. At the main PoP, Force10 Terascale E1200i switches are used with capacity between sites managed by CWDM multiplexers (80 Gbps LAGs).

BIX's governing charter only allows licensed Internet access providers to connect to BIX. Of particular note is that free peering with all other members is encouraged with a 50% reduced monthly fee. If a BIX member is invited by another BIX member to exchange domestic bilateral traffic mutually free of charge, then the invited BIX member must accept this invitation and is only required to pay the 50% discounted fee.