Biznet Indonesia eXchange (BIX) is one of about five IXPs in Jakarta. BIX is managed by Biznet Networks, one of the larger telecom operators in Indonesia that owns inner-city and inter-city fibre optic networks in several major cities in Indonesia, providing voice and Internet services for both business and residential users.


BIX is directly connected with Biznet's Metro and FTTH fibre networks that provide connections between commercial offices, homes and data centres. It also provides NTP synchronisation and is available in two POPs in the city. Once a port has reached 80% utilization, customers are required to upgrade or order a new connection to the peering switch. As would be expected from a telco-hosted exchange, multilateral peering agreements are expected. In addition, domestic networks must interconnect at a minimum of two physically diverse peering points. International networks may interconnect at a single peering point.

Other IXPs in Jakarta include the semi-commercial NAP Info IIX, operated by a carrier, and OpenIX.