Internet exchange point (IXP) Training

"For the Community, with the community, by the Community"

Colleagues in Lesotho are conducting a live test in this photo.

Training is essential. The Internet community is amazingly keen to teach each other, to share first-hand experience, to train others to "train", and has been doing this work for over twenty years.

Below are some links to places, organizations, and ways you can obtain more training.  If none of these links are useful, email us and we can try to link you up with experts in the region, relevant meetings, and other assistance.

IXP Resources:

IXPs have created resources like INEX's IXP Manager to better manage, trouble-shoot, collect data, and improve operations and processes.  Below are examples of additional IXP resources created by IXPs:

Network Operator Groups - NOGs:

Network operator group meetings are key places to otain technical training, connect with expert, and build your community and networks of trust (the human kind):

  • African Network Operator Group:  AFNOG
  • Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies:  APRICOT
  • Caribbean Network Operator Group:  CaribNOG
  • Eurasia Network Operator Group:  ENOG
  • Latin-American Network Operator Group:  LACNOG
  • Middle East Network Operator Group: MENOG
  • North American Network Operator Group:  NANOG
  • South Asian Netowrk Operator Group:  SANOG

Have we forgotten a NOG? Let us know. E-mail us at

Regional Internet Registries offer key training sessions at their meetings, and work with ISOC and others to conduct training around the world.

IXP Associations:

These associations provide training, networking, and business opportunities. For IXPs just getting started, they also provice an excellent venue to obtain mentoring or "twinning" assistance. Basically - an established IXP can help you by working closely with you. You also can meet with people from orgnaizations like ISOC, PCH, and RIPE who can help you with equipment, hands-on training, and more.

  • Asia Pacific Internet Exchange Association APIX
  • African Internet Exchange Association AF-IX
  • European Internet Exchange Association Euro-IX
  • Latin-American and Caribbean Internet Exchange Association LAC-IX

The Internet Engineering Task Force - IETF

IETF meetings are where technical experts come together to build Internet standards (known as protocols), examine Inernet architecture issues, and exchange information and build technical capacity. 

You can find more out about the IETF here.

The Internet Society provides fellowship to engineers from developing countries to attend IETF meetings.  Click here for more information.

The Inernet Society also has established a policy-makers training segment at the IETF.  Click here for more information.

The Network Startup Resource Center - NSRC

NSRC experts conduct training all over the world at NOG meetings.  They also conduct hands-on training.  Contact them here

African Union Internet Exchange System - Best Practices and Technical Assistance workshops - AXIS

The Internet Society has been awarded a grant from the AFrican Union to conduct IXP community building workshops (Best Practices) and follow-on Technical Assistance training to help set-up an IXP.  Click here for more information.