Internet exchange points (IXP) and Internet Community

The IXP and Internet Community

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You will find a wide-range of technical experts, practioners, and policy and regulatory experts involved in the IXP Community and the broader Internet technical community.

Communities are built to provide support. There is an excellent IXP community out there. You may need an introduction or two, or to attend meetings, or join on-line groups for technical collaboartion. But once you find these amazing resources, options open up for collaboration, technical development, and simple assistance trouble-shooting problems.

Below are some of the IXP communities and other “groups” that can help with training, introductions, networking, and technical assistance.

IXP Associations:

These associations provide training, networking, and business opportunities. For IXPs just getting started, they also provice an excellent venue to obtain mentoring or "twinning" assistance. Basically - an established IXP can help you by working closely with you. You also can meet with people from orgnaizations like ISOC, PCH, and RIPE who can help you with equipment, hands-on training, and more.

  • Asia Pacific Internet Exchange Association APIX
  • African Internet Exchange Association AF-IX
  • European Internet Exchange Association Euro-IX
  • Latin-American and Caribbean Internet Exchange Association LAC-IX

Network Operator Groups - NOGs:

Network operator group meetings are key places to otain technical training, connect with expert, and build your community and networks of trust (the human kind):

  • African Network Operator Group:  AFNOG
  • Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies:  APRICOT
  • Caribbean Network Operator Group:  CaribNOG
  • Eurasia Network Operator Group:  ENOG
  • Latin-American Network Operator Group:  LACNOG
  • Middle East Network Operator Group: MENOG
  • North American Network Operator Group:  NANOG
  • South Asian Netowrk Operator Group:  SANOG

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Regional Internet Registry - RIRs - List-Servs:

Regional Internet Registries allocate and assign IP addresses and autonomous system numbers.

IP addresses and autonomous system numbers are critical for building your network, routing traffic, and using key Internet protocols like BGP.