question markWhat Are IXPs?

Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) are now well-recognised as a vital part of the Internet ecosystem, essential to facilitating a robust domestic ICT sector. From a public policy perspective, ensuring the presence of local IXPs has become an increasingly important priority in order to make sure that online services are equally accessible to all local users, as well as to enhance competitive opportunities, and generally improve the quality and affordability of Internet servicesFind out more about what IXPs are...


presentation chartBusiness Case


IXPs offer a facility for members to exchange IP traffic within the country. This provides a competitive alternative to routing domestically destined traffic abroad. An IXP will be attractive if the cost of exchanging traffic locally is cheaper than purchasing international bandwidth (IP transit) from an upstream provider for routing the traffic overseas. Given that international bandwidth can comprise a significant portion of operating expenses for ISPs in developing nations, an IXP could reduce costs resulting in lower Internet access subscription charges for users.  Find out more about the business case for IXPs...


shadow peopleBenefits and  Impact

IXPs are beneficial to everyone, check back soon for more information on their Impact in the community.