New Zealand

In New Zealand, CityLink Limited, a telecommunications company that was formed as an initiative of the Wellington City Council in 1995, operates five neutral Internet-exchanges nationwide. CityLink started with a fibre-optic network in the city’s central business district (CBD) in 1996, run along the overhead network used for the city trolley buses. Now part of the TeamTalk group, CityLink operates a network of fibre optic cabling around the CBDs of Wellington and Auckland and has a network of Wi-Fi hotspots around Wellington. The exchanges are operated under the ExchangeNET brand and are present in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington and Christchurch. Auckland is the largest exchange with 83 members.

CityLink announced this year that it would adopt a software-defined networking solution in the five peering points. It has been testing equipment from SDN-enabled switch vendors over the past year and claims that the SDN architecture approach for the exchanges is the first of its type in the world. According to the company, the main benefits of SDN IXPs are that they are more secure, stable and predictable. North American SDN switch vendor NoviFlow will supply the OpenFlow 1.3 compliant switches for CityLink. The cost of the SDN rollout is said to be similar to current 10Gbps networking equipment.