Policy Makers and Regulators

Creating the Enabling Environment

Policy-makers and Regulators should know more about IXPs.

We believe that they can help create an enabling environment.  We think that running the IXP (development, operations, technical management) is a matter for the technical community.  But, we know that is extremely useful to partner with policy-makers and regulators so that they better understand the environment, the benefit to the overal Internet, and the importance of the impact that the IXP can have on builidng technical expertise in your country.

Below is some Food for Thought for Policy-makers and Reglators.  A check-list if you will.

  • Are you removing bottlenecks to investment?
  • Are you working with the technical community to understand the Internet technical infrastructure?
  • What do you need to do to promote a competitive environment for the IXP?
  • Do you really need to regulate or do you simply need to allow the IXP to develop?
  • Does your legal regime require a "measure" to be taken to allow for the IXP?  If yes, try to keep it flexible.
  • Have you taken a look at terrestrial fibre costs in your country and what you can do to lower costs?

What else would you add?  Let us know at feedback@ixptoolkit.org