This "Resource Page" is meant to provide you with studies, reports, analyses, and information on IXPs, the business case for IXPs (more coming soon!), economic information, and other related data. Please send us resources that we have not included, and we will add them here:


IXP Traffic Statistics, Data, and Links to Internet Data

There are excellent efforts underway to track IXP data to better understand traffic patterns, network health, IXP members' technical activities, and create a visible means for investors to see that there are users on networks - investment potential.

The Internet Society and others are encouraging more network measurement and traffic diagnostics.


Fortaleza IXP Data
Fortaleza IXP Traffic Data

Below are resources to help you understand more about current efforts to collect, examine, and measure traffic.

Open Source Software for IXP Management and Basic Traffic measurements:

  • INEX has developed Open Source Software called IXP Manager to help IXPs manage and to capture traffic statistics. 
  • INEX public traffic statistics generaged by IXP Manager can be seen here

Sources for Traffic Statistics and Data

  • Euro-IX maintains a list of global IXPs and you can see traffic charts and statistics here.
  • in Brazil maintains the Brazilian IXP network and data can be found here
  • Netnod (a Swedish IXP) provides IXP statistics here.

Additional Resources for Internet Data

  • CAF IXP Informe Final (available only in Spanish) Provides an assessment of the Business Case for IXPs in Latin America
  • The Internet Society has a new Economic Data Resource link.  Click here to see it.
  • The Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis - Caida.
  • RIPE NCC - Statistics & Analytics
  • RIPE Atlas Project to Measure Internet Connectivity
  • Route Views project - provides real time information about global routing
  • OECD Report - Good Practices In Internet Exchange Point Documentation and Measurement,
    London, 24-25 May 2007, prepared by PCH