Why Track Data

Why Data?

IXPs have been identified as a source for information about the growth of and size of the Internet.  Both PCH and Euro-IX have been collecting data and have been urged by many organizations and governments to do so. 

IXPs can help measure:

  • # of ASNs
  • Traffic quality of service (jitter, packet-loss, latency)
  • Traffic volume (day, week, month, year)

There are no standard approaches to IXP documentation and measurement, but there are projects underway in many regions, through the Internet Society, RIPE NCC, PCH, and others to try and more closely track, correlate, and analyze available data.  In fact, many of us are keen to track the Internet environment pre IXP development through to IXP development so that more information can be made available to analyze the impact of the IXP.

A best practice that we have observed and that many mature IXPs point to is the importance of collecting data to:

  • track network health
  • work with IXP members to better manage their networks
  • identify time-series data to point to iXP growth to encourage more networks to peer at the exchange

We will be providing more data here, but wanted to start out with some basics.